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Accueil | Trip & Teuf
Who are we ?

Trip & Teuf is the first french organisation and community of people in hard dance music.
Since 2006, we bring thousands of people every years in the best parties in Europe.
We also organise our own parties in France and promote our Djs in our booking agency.

New ! In 2011, Trip & Teuf become allied with Festimove company and create his label Trip & Teuf Records.

Next bus trips :

Bus trip Date Status Green = Every locations available
Orange = Some locations are full
Red = Every locations are full
Hardcore4Life 202029/02/2020FestimoveOrderForum
Reverze - 15 years07/03/2020FestimoveOrderForum
Rampage weekend13/03/2020FestimoveOrderForum
Rampage vendredi13/03/2020FestimoveOrderForum
Rampage samedi14/03/2020FestimoveOrderForum
Masters of Hardcore - 15 Years28/03/2020FestimoveOrderForum
Masters of Hardcore en TGV28/03/2020FestimoveOrderForum
Time Warp04/04/2020FestimoveOrderForum
Qapital 202004/04/2020FestimoveOrderForum
Qapital 2020 avec QL04/04/2020FestimoveOrderForum
Rebirth Festival 2020 Week-End10/04/2020FestimoveOrderForum
Pandemonium - The New Frontier11/04/2020FestimoveOrderForum
Cryogenic at Time Out18/04/2020FestimoveOrderForum
Titanium - Hardcore By Nature09/05/2020FestimoveOrderForum
Emporium - Celebrations23/05/2020FestimoveOrderForum
Harmony Of Hardcore 202030/05/2020FestimoveOrderForum
Intents Festival 2020 (Week-End)05/06/2020FestimoveOrderForum
Intents Festival 2020 (Samedi Seul)06/06/2020FestimoveOrderForum
DefQon.1 : Primal Energy - Week-End26/06/2020FestimoveOrderForum
DefQon.1 : Primal Energy - Samedi Seul27/06/2020FestimoveOrderForum
Rampage Open Air 202003/07/2020FestimoveOrderForum
Sensation - Beyond04/07/2020FestimoveOrderForum
Sansation avec QL04/07/2020FestimoveOrderForum
Free Festival 202004/07/2020FestimoveOrderForum
Dreamfields 202011/07/2020FestimoveOrderForum
So W'Happy Festival 202011/07/2020FestimoveOrderForum
Tomorrowland 2020 Week-End 116/07/2020FestimoveOrderForum
Dominator + Camping 202017/07/2020FestimoveOrderForum
Dominator 202018/07/2020FestimoveOrderForum
Dominator 2020 en Avion18/07/2020FestimoveOrderForum
Tomorrowland 2020 Week-End 223/07/2020FestimoveOrderForum
Fatality - The RAW Outdoor Festival25/07/2020FestimoveOrderForum
The Qontinent - Week-End07/08/2020FestimoveOrderForum
The Qontinent - Samedi Seul08/08/2020FestimoveOrderForum
Decibel Outdoor 2020 - Week-End21/08/2020FestimoveOrderForum
Decibel Outdoor 2020 - Samedi Seul22/08/2020FestimoveOrderForum
Mysteryland 2020 - Weekend28/08/2020FestimoveOrderForum
Mysteryland 2020 - Samedi 29/08/2020FestimoveOrderForum
Ground Zero - 15 Years29/08/2020FestimoveOrderForum
Et beaucoup d'autres a venir ...31/12/2020Soon/Forum

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